Monday, January 7, 2008

I got tagged again!

First of all , I have to say Go Buckeyes!!!! Yes, I will be watching the game tonight and I hope it has a very different outcome from last year's abysmal game. I love college football! (See #1 below). So on to my post:

I got tagged by Lindsay ( awhile ago, and am just now getting around to playing. I was tagged once before, so I don't know if I can come up with 7 more random things, but here goes:

1. I love to watch football with my DH! And he likes having a wife who knows about sports and doesn't care if he plays golf whenever he wants to.

2. I have my BS in Physical Education, with a minor in Composite Science (a little of everything science).

3. My favorite TV show is TLC's What Not To Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. I wanna be on the show, but I don't dress bad enough!

4. I have naturally curly hair that never does the same thing two days in a row. Arrrgh!

5. Staying with the hair thing, I have never had my hair colored.

6. My favorite color is red, but in stamping, all the colors are my favorite! Well, except for glorious green, yoyo yellow, blush blossom, and orchid opulence.

7. I didn't get my first ticket (speeding) until I was 23.

Okay, if you want to play along, consider yourself tagged! And GO BUCKEYES!!!!


Krystie Lee said...

I didn't even know what sport you were talking about, hehe.

I'm a naturally curly girlie, too!

Stephanie said...

i just played along too :)

man, i'm sorry about your buckeyes. we were hoping for a better outcome for them too! a two-loss nat'l champion...hmmm, very interesting - that silly bcs!!