Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Stuff and a Cute Little Boy

So I was visiting some of my stamping friends' blogs, and Krystie was mentioning some of the search terms people had used to find her blog. So I went and checked my analytics, (which I haven't done in months) and found none that were as funny as hers. Most of them were actually stamping-related (criss cross card searches made up a LOT of them), some were technical mumbo-jumbo that I didn't understand, and one was "basic facts about the rock ruby". I bet that person didn't get what they expected when my blog popped up, lol!

So thank you, all my visitors, faithful readers, and friends who have listed my blog on your blogroll, I am enjoying blogland immensely! (Too much, if you ask my DH, lol!)

I took this picture back in the summer, my little guy is already just like daddy!
Hope your weekend was wonderful, hope your week gets off to a great start! I'll be posting swap cards pictures this week, hope you'll stop by.


Krystie Lee said...

What a D O L L !!!

The vast majority of my search terms are various martini and cupcake recipes, but "how to make dork cupcakes" was priceless. I still crack up about that one. I so badly want an explanation!

Lisa Carroll said...

He is just precious! LOL :)

Lauren said...

He is too cute! Glad your enjoying bloggy land.

KellyS said...

Adorable! He's learning early the power of the remote! :)