Sunday, September 20, 2009

Something New and Exciting is Coming to Pink Cat Studio!

There's something new and exciting coming to PCS! Hmm, I wonder why Itty Bitty Betty is dancing and doing cartwheels?? Looks like something big is going to happen on Tuesday! Of course there is a contest: if you post this blinkie on your blog you'll be entered into a draw to win some cool prizes. I can't tell you what the prizes are because Betty would be upset at me for giving her secret away. But I can tell you that there will be 5 winners.

Here are the contest details: To be eligible to win you will need to post the above animated blinkie on the side bar of your blog and leave it there until the contest ends. Then please leave a comment on this post stating that you added the blinkie and also include a link to your blog. If you don't have a blog you can still enter the contest. Just leave a comment there and say that you would like to enter the contest even though you don't have a blog. Click here to read the instructions on how to add the blinkie to your blog. This contest will end on September 21st at 5 pm EST and the winners will be announced on this blog on September 22nd. The winners will be randomly chosen from everyone who enters the contest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... goodies! and im first! i dont have a blog...but thanx for the chance at candy! nerida