Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Shower Decor

My friend Diana and I collaborated on the decorations and such for a mutual friend's baby shower. Check out her pics, they turned out better than mine. I should have used the macro setting on a few more of them, oh well. Our theme was "Sweet Baby" and the color scheme was black/white/celery or apple green.

First up is the invitation I put together with inspiration from TomKat Studio on Etsy.
Here was our focal wall: yes, those are 36" balloons, pretty cool!
The AMAZING diaper cake: bought from Etsy
I made the medallion on the middle layer.

A bowl full of mints in mini sour cream containers:

Nice backdrop for pictures during present opening.

Table settings:
Centerpieces with different baby-themed frames:

Chocolate bar favors: Diana did the wrappers in
various patterns, and I did the packaging, also in
various patterns.

It was a grand time for all!


Tracey said...

WOW!! What a gorgeous event this was! Beautiful decorations and goodies!!

Sarah said...

What great ideas! It was beautiful!

Susan Raihala said...

OMG, this is stunning! Makes the last baby shower I hosted look very blah! When I have to do it all again, I'll definitely take my inspiration from you!

~amy~ said...

good grief girls certainly know how to throw a baby shower!!! wow!!!

Jackie Pedro said...

Holy moly!!! What gorgeous shower decorations!!! Awesome, Beckt!!

Katie Cotton said...

this is all so so so perfect!!!!

Heather P. said...

Whoa! Simply amazing!!

Lisa H. said...

wow! now I know why you have been so busy! this is stunning and awesome. what a great friend you are. My baby showers nver looked like that!