Saturday, October 23, 2010

Verve WCMD #1

Verve posted 5 sketches around WCMD and I managed to get all 5 done!  This is my favorite of the bunch:
I haven't stamped in what feels like ages, and frankly it feels like I'm never going to get to again.  Baby girl is a good baby and sleeping very well at night, but that means catnaps during the day.  She falls asleep fine, but as soon as I attempt to put her down, she wakes up.  Grrrrr!  About the only thing I manage to get done each day is make dinner.  Which hubby thinks is the most important thing, lol!  I hope she gets into a daytime nap routine soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


~amy~ said...

Becky, this is so pretty! I love the fun & fresh colors!

Cheryl said...

Great card. My DIL is having the same problem with her new little girl.

Banu said...

WOW..Beautiful card. Loved the choice of patterned papers, colors and the bow..Really neat.

Lisa H. said...

hang in there! stamping time will come again. it's hard, I know. LOVE this card. so bright and cherry and all the texture is fab!!!

Caroline said...

wow what a bright card, it is sooooo nice, I love it, it gives me a smile on my face.
Lots of love from the Netherlands

Lauren said...

Fingers crossed for a routine that includes stamping. :) This is fabulous Becky - I love the textured background.