Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Stamp Cave and Dawn's Die Storage

Lots of (big) pics today, friends. I did a major clean, so I wanted some pictures to document it, haha!  I affectionately refer to my stamping space as The Stamp Cave, because it is in the basement of our old house. It's very cold down there right now, and I could not stamp during the winter without my trusty space heater. The one good thing about my space being in the basement is that I don't have to clean up and put stuff away if I don't want to. It's out of sight!  Okay, here we go:

This is the view coming down the stairs.
Hubby bought me that great chair several years ago for Christmas.
I can reach all my usual supplies from here without having to get up.

The bookshelf on the right holds random stuff I don't know where to put anywhere else.

Left side and center of my table:
(that is an old entertainment center on the other side
of my table that holds random stuff I don't use often)

Right side of my table:
(those cards are there as a reminder that they need to be sent :))

One of my plastic carts, the second drawer holds extra adhesive, etc,
and the bottom drawer holds all my punches.  My second cart is to the left
of my table, and it holds more ribbon, envelopes, etc.

Scrap storage:

An old end table serves as my die cutting station.

And here is Dawn's Die Storage, it works perfectly for me! I pretty much just copied what she did HERE.  I bought that sewing machine probably eight months ago, took it out of the box three months ago, and this weekend finally threaded her up and made these pockets. Now my goal is to stitch on a card. Which is why I got the thing in the first place!

This is the little plastic bin I keep them in. They come in packs of two for $1 or something really cheap (Walmart, I think), and I have several of them. I even sewed a few extra pockets for new dies that YOU KNOW will be coming to live with me :).
I hope you enjoyed looking, thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

verra interesting!! i was wondering?! actually, today i was trying to picture what storage you might have for your copics. i imagined it to be round! nerida

SeattleStamper said...

Thanks for sharing this Becky! You've inspired me to do a similar post...I love seeing other peoples spaces.

Jessie said...

Great space!! Love reading your blog! Your cards are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully organized craft room. Do you have time to come and help me? I really, really, need help! LOL