Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Fair Products

I did my first craft fair two weeks ago, and a second week this past Saturday.  The first show was NOT worth my time, but I did much better the second one.  FYI, if you are thinking of doing a craft fair, make sure it is NOT combined with a rummage sale!!!!  The people who come are looking for the rummage stuff, not your nice beautiful works of art.  I sold to two, yes two, people that first show, one of them was the lia sophia jewelry lady across from me, lol!  Needless to say, we became quite good friends as we had 6 hours to chat with each other as there was little to no traffic.  Ugh.
The second fair explicitly called for new items, so right away I was off to a better start.  So here are the things I sold.  I didn't want to put a lot of money into making stuff, so I really concentrated on using what I had.  I was able to use up a bunch of my old SU patterned paper, yay! 

First up, covered notepads.  The junior legal pads and pens were purchased at Wal-mart for very cheap.  The pattern I used called for 12x12 paper.  I only had white, so I changed the pattern just a bit so I could use my 8-1/2 x 11.  I just made the back cover a coordinating color.  I made 8 of these and only have one left.  Here is where I found the pattern: covered notepads.

Next up, gift card holders. 
These sold okay, would probably do better closer to a holiday like Christmas.  I used the pattern HERE.  I did change this one too, for some of them.  I got tired of cutting off part of the edges, so I just made the pocket piece separate, and it went a lot faster.

Third, I made some coffe cozies following Dawn McVey's instructions HERE.

Fourth, I made a tray full of these little treats/favors.  Inside is a small clear bag of either Hershey's kisses or jelly beans.  The clear bags I got from ebay (100 for about $3), and the candy was clearanced at Target from Easter. 

And last, I had a bunch of individual cards in clear envelopes
and sold a few of those.

I definitely made back what I put into supplies, and some extra too!  I might try a Christmas or holiday craft fair later in the year and see if I do better.  Craft fairs take a lot of time to prepare for, so if you are thinking of doing one, give yourself lots of time to make stuff. 
And mass produce your designs as much as possible.


~amy~ said...

Becky, your craft fair projects are all a-dorable...LOVE the coffee sleeve!

Tracey said...

These are incredible projects Becky! You have outdone yourself!!

Keva said...

Great stuff! Good on you for getting out there and doing a craft fair!

Lisa H. said...

oooo and ahhhh! love what you did here. beautiful work, so glad the second one went well for you.

denise:) said...

Gorgeous items!! Makes me want to get some craft on... :D